About Me


Currently, I have two methods for teaching important points and my own experiences to enthusiasts. One is online private classes, which can teach you from any level of familiarity with financial markets to becoming a professional trader. The second method is live trades, where by participating, you can become familiar with real forex trades and simultaneously, using analyses and live trade reviews, take positions and generate income. I’m here to share my experiences and knowledge with you and nurture you until you become a professional analyst and trader.

About Me

I’m Reza, also known as Toofan, with over five years of professional experience in financial markets. I created this site to establish a comprehensive platform for anyone who wants to succeed in the Forex financial market. By participating in my private classes or live trading sessions, you can benefit from all the experiences I have gained over these years through considerable effort and long-term practice. In the shortest time possible, you can become a professional trader in the Forex market.

During my years as a trader in financial markets, I have grown through significant expenses and numerous challenges. Now, I want to teach you how to make money from financial markets, just as I have achieved profitability and income from these markets.