If you believe you are a skilled trader with high proficiency in Forex trading, don’t miss this thrilling competition. We have organized an exciting contest to test your trading strategies and risk management skills. This competition is an ideal opportunity for all those interested in increasing their income from the Forex financial market. Designed to select a team of the best traders, this competition offers a unique chance to enhance your Forex earnings. Participants’ abilities to accurately predict and analyze the market, develop appropriate trading strategies, and close correct positions will be evaluated to identify the top performers. If you think you have what it takes to excel in Forex trading, we recommend testing your skills and seeing how you fare in this competition.

Exciting Prizes for Top Performers

The prizes for this competition are unlike those in most other contests. Instead of a fixed prize for the winners, we offer something much more exciting. After the competition, we will select a team of the top-performing participants and provide them with substantial capital to trade in the Forex market. These participants will use the provided capital to make their trades, and ultimately, they will share in the profits generated. This competition is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with high trading skills and knowledge but lacking sufficient capital to engage in profitable Forex trades. If you are confident in your trading abilities, we highly recommend participating in this competition.

Test Your Skills for Free

There is no entry fee to participate in this trading competition. We have prepared a Forex simulation where you will be given virtual funds to conduct your trades. You can use this virtual capital to buy and sell and close the positions you see fit. At the end of the competition, those who have made the most profit compared to other participants will be declared the winners.

Competition Terms

To register for the competition, simply sign up; no fee is required to enter. Upon registration, you will receive an account with a $5,000 virtual balance to use for your trades. The competition lasts for one season, with no limit on the number of participants. You must trade throughout the season, and winners will be determined at the end of the season based on their performance. To be considered in the competition, you must trade for at least five days during the season. Ultimately, those who achieve the highest profits during the competition period will be recognized as the winners and receive their prizes.