Live Trade

What is Live Trading?

Live trading is an online event where an experienced analyst in the Forex market examines the market and opens and closes positions to execute profitable trades. However, it’s important to note that all the risk of these trades lies with you. Live trading allows you to safely familiarize yourself with the risks and dangers of financial trading in Forex while increasing your trading knowledge and experience. During live trading sessions, you will learn many practical tips about Forex trading and can simultaneously make trades based on Professor Toofan’s analysis. (The Forex financial market can be both profitable and loss-making for you, so make sure to manage your capital well and avoid impulsive behaviors during your trades.)

What Do We Do in Live Trading?

In live trading sessions, which last between 1 to 2.5 hours, you will be with Professor Toofan and can observe how to open and close positions. In these live sessions, you will learn important market analysis tips and improve your trading strategies. Live trading takes place during the US session, monitoring this session, and if a suitable trade is found, a position is closed. Analyses are based on the Nasdaq and Dow Jones indices, which are among the most important and well-known stock indices in the world. By attending live trading sessions, you can achieve a minimum of 10% net profit from the discussed trades each month.

Who Is Live Trading Suitable For?

Live trading sessions are suitable for anyone interested in trading in the Forex market. The only prerequisite for participating in live trading is a minimum balance of $1000 for trading. Naturally, the more capital you trade with, the more profit you can earn. By participating in live trading, you can improve your trading strategies and gain invaluable experience.

Why Use Live Trading?

Live trading sessions offer an exciting and significant opportunity to profit from the Forex market and increase your stock trading knowledge. These sessions allow you to learn and experiment in the Forex market with very low risk and high confidence. In live trading, you can observe the analyses and behaviors of an experienced trader continuously and benefit from their insights and knowledge to update your information and refresh your trading strategies.